SerraPlus+ 80,000IU 60 Tablets

SerraPlus+ 80,000IU 60 Tablets

A mix of enzymes, MSM and trace minerals for more than just skin health!

  • Natural Serrapeptase and Trace Mineral Combination
  • MSM added
  • High dose formula
  • No known side effects
  • Buy three get one free

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SerraPlus 80k

SerraPlus contains Serrapeptase, which is often dubbed 'the miracle enzyme'. This enzyme has a number of potential benefits, not just for the skin. It is believed to reduce scarring and help many skin ailments, such as eczema. With MSM, which helps to produce collagen, which is vital for your skin to build new tissues. Also containing a variety of trace minerals that have skin benefits. This is an all in one tablet that could help with a wide variety of skin complaints. With a high dose formula and no known side effects.